What to consider before you sit down for homework



When is it best to do lessons - in the morning, in the evening, after lunch or at a change at school? Let's figure it out! For example, you study in the first shift. Of course, after the lessons, first of all, you need to back up and rest. But what to do later - run outside with the guys, go to training in the section or to classes of circles, or yet, sit down for lessons? Here are some small recommendations about the time you will be most comfortable with taking lessons.Also use the service do my homework math to get highly qualified help.

Repetition as the main way to succeed

Repetitio est mater studiorum - reads Latin aphorism about the related ties of repetition and doctrine.

Psychologists believe that it is most rational to repeat the material according to a certain scheme. For example, this is:

  1. the first repetition - 15-20 minutes after the lesson,
  2. second repetition - after 2 hours,
  3. the third repetition - the next day or a day later,
  4. the fourth repetition - after 3 days,
  5. the fifth repetition - in a week,
  6. sixth repetition - in a month,
  7. the seventh repetition - in six months,
  8. eighth repetition - in a year.

So remembering will be the most effective.


Associations are connections between individual events, facts, objects or phenomena that arise by themselves and are fixed in a person's memory.

Associative thinking for memorizing material can be developed by training. Here is a simple exercise on creating mental images and the ability to find analogies.

Hat, phone, master, cactus, pie, envelope, money, eel, desk (writing), house, pencil, jacket, lace, button, sock, screwdriver, cat, book, headlamp, fishing hook.

Read these words for two minutes. Try to remember them with a vivid figurative story. The more strange or comical your associations are, the better. The main thing is to imagine all this visually, in order to better remember. Here is an example of associative history:

The hat in which the phone was placed. The handset is dotted with barbs because it's a cactus. This cactus tube is unpleasant to hold in the hands of the master who calls, and besides, he speaks with his mouth packed with pie. In the pie is a small envelope from which money unexpectedly falls. One of the bank tickets collapses and turns into a kind of eel, which, fleeing, hides under a desk shaped like a house, the pipe of which is made of a huge pencil... and so on.

After coming up with your story, write out the words from the exercise in the correct sequence - so you will be able to remember the educational material well.